This area was inspired by [Bryan Johnson's Blueprint project]( This started as my own derivative of his blueprint adjusted for myself, my level of means and resources. Like Johnson's approach, I am constantly iterating and improving as new information comes in. My version of this is quite simply how to improve *everything* about myself for the sake of longevity, enjoyment of life, and overall wellness. How far can I take myself to optimize every aspect of my being as much as possible and beyond what most people are willing to tolerate? ### About [[Principles]] [[Daily Routines]] [[Vitals and Measurements]] ## Key Areas [[Diet]] * [[Supplements]] [[Exercise]] [[Mind, Emotion, Human Connection]] * [[Breathing]] [[Sleep]] ## Journal * [[September 11, 2023 - Measuring my Glucose every hour]] * [[September 4, 2023 - Wow, my cardio health ain't good.]]