I use [AnkiApp](https://www.ankiapp.com) to store day-to-day information I want to keep memorized. As part of my morning routine, I study 10 cards the app surfaces to me. I also have some prompts in my [[Interval Timer Tasks]] to review an additional 10 during the day. There's [another good article about Anki for general knowledge here](https://web.archive.org/web/20230318152046/https://abouttolearn.substack.com/p/anki-fy-your-life). I like that it uses the **[SRS algorithm](https://www.juliensobczak.com/inspect/2022/05/30/anki-srs.html)** to ensure I'm putting my attention on the ones that need it. Another thing I do to prevent getting a card wrong too many times: I look at the card, try to memorize it, then look away for 20 seconds and try to repeat it out loud. Doing this allows the short term memory retention to expire and reinforce the neurons by using sensory attachments of speaking, hearing, feeling myself saying it out loud to reinforce the memory for the next time. When you have flashcard review as part of your regular routine, it's like a Dropbox to **slowly upload things into your brain**.