Hello, I'm Adam Grant and this is my knowledgebase. Below are some good starting places. I also draw [[Nice Going, Adam|a cartoon]] and do [voiceover acting](https://adamgrantvoice.com). ## Being Human [[Nice Going, Adam]] [[ADHD]] [[Coffee]] [[Delights]] [[Thought]] ## Being a Better Human [[Cothinking]] [[On Solving]] [[The stages of list-based productivity]] [[Getting things done is overrated]] [[ChatGPT has been great for my mental health]] [[Let's migrate everything into one tool]] ## Beyond Human [[My GPTs]] [[Improve Everything]] [[Pinball Method]] [[Copiloting cognition with AI]] [[You Might Not Need ChatGPT]] Because I maintain this as a knowledgebase instead of a blog, I don't keep things dated and there's no order in which I write. I often come back to update existing pages as I see fit. However, you can see [[What's new]] since the last time you were here. Live a happy life and leave something behind for the next generation. ([[About|?]])